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All your favourite planet friendly and ethical brands.

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Compare our prices - a weekly shop that does not cost the earth.

Groceries = How it works

  • Add items to the basket.

  • Shop in bulk, or filter by organic, plastic free, fair trade, vegan, etc. 

  • For each item choose whether you need it as a one off purchase, weekly, or monthly. 

  • We will deliver the box per your requirements. 

  • If you choose to subscribe, cancel anytime.  

  • No need to revisit the store to reorder weekly. Your item delivery preferences will be stored.

  • Time-saving way to order your groceries. ​ 

  • No waste, no excess.


We stock a wide range of fair trade, organic, eco-friendly, vegan, some locally produced, responsibly packaged food and drink essentials.

Sustainable Clothing

Slow fashion made from sustainable fabrics, and ethically produced. 

Health and Beauty

All the best brands in zero-waste, cruelty free, organic and vegan bathroom essentials. 

Reusable bags, turtle string bag, produce bags, bento lunchbox, and outdoor fun.

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